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Home Inspections Standards of Practice

Frantz Home Inspections, LLC. Follow the  ASHI Standard of Practice for Home Inspections that guides home inspectors in the performance of their inspections. Subject to regular review, the Standard of Practice for Home Inspections reflects information gained through surveys of conditions in the field and of the consumers’ interests and concerns. Vigilance has elevated ASHI’s Standard of Practice for Home Inspections so that today it is the most widely-accepted home inspection guideline and is recognized by many government and professional groups as the definitive standard for professional performance.


10 Reasons to use Frantz Home Inspections, LLC

  1. Professional, Knowledgeable and Honest

  2. Built over 500 homes in Johnson County

  3. Multi inspector company

  4. Available 7 days a week

  5. Competitive pricing

  6. Strong customer service

  7. Flexible schedule to accommodate buyer

  8. Certified and Insured (General Liability and E & O)

  9. Trained by American Home Inspection Training Institute

  10.  Adhere to ASHI Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics 


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