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Frantz Home Inspections will inspect readily accessible, visually observable, installed systems and components Based on the ASHI Standard of Practice. Frantz's inspectors will, in their professional judgment comment on items that are not functioning properly, significantly deficient, unsafe, or at the end of their service lives. Will make recommendations to correct, or monitor for future correction, the deficiencies reported or items needing further evaluation.

Frantz Inspection will fully inspect, roofs, exterior, garage, kitchen, bathrooms, rooms, interior, basement, crawl space, plumbing, heating and electrical. Each division has an average of 11 subdivisions. The cost of the home inspection starts at $325 and can be adjusted based on square footage, age, number of stories and overall condition. 

 Frantz home Inspections will comply with the ASHI Code of Ethics and avoid association with any enterprise whose practices violate this code, and shall strive to uphold, maintain, and improve the integrity, reputation, and practice of the home inspection profession.  Take the ASHI Virtual Home Inspection Tour now to see and hear what a professional home inspection is all about. Learn about some common problems discovered during the home inspection with a simple phone call to us at Frantz Home Inspetctions at 319-631-9744 

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